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In 2009, our company started specializing and investing in marine design with the purpose of
creating a new future for the ocean. In 2013, we completed the body board for Black-T.
Products designed by T-O R&D Labs go beyond mere price competition; they provide
culture and technology for the marine leisure market.

It is our philosophy that
a company must break
away from placing its
value solely on low-cost

and consider the effect and value its products will provide to the environment and the society in order to become a global leading company. This is a challenge that should be overcome which people around the world are concerned of. In 2012, our company signed a MOU with Enhancers, located in Italy. We also interact with the Korean Marine Leisure Network. T-O R&D Labs always stays a jump ahead in sharing infrastructural information. We strive to resolve challenges through sharing information with the rest of the world and are developing rapidly through such experiences.

The technology we possess is not limited to competitive in the market. We strive for future-oriented values.
We believe that this is the driving force to maintain sustainability.

T-O R&D Labs will always put our customers and their experience first to lead a sustainable business and create a culture that be shared with the rest of the world.